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Given the nature of legal documents, it is paramount that both the original and the translation keep in mind the particularities of the different two legal systems and cultural dissimilarities of the original and final users of both the translation and the original documents.  Our certified translators are very well-versed in the different areas of the law, and understand the nuances of the legal jargon and the importance of maintaining the formalities and terminology of legal documents during the translation process. 

 Among many others, we translate the following documents in these areas:

  • Contract law: agreements, MOUs, collective bargain agreements, union agreements, offers, proposals, bids, specifications, negotiations, articles of incorporation, corporate tax returns, POAs,  others
  • Copyright, patent and trademark law: applications, proposals, examinations; inventions, requests for patent filing, registrations, others
  • Criminal and tort law: investigations, interviews, questionings, evidence, legal proceedings-related documents, transcriptions, others
  • Family and inheritance law: custody agreements, wills, prenuptial agreements, divorce documents, questionings, interviews, POAs, others
  • Immigration and refugee law: birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates; police clearances, testimonials, letters, evidence, records of employment, driver's licences, driver's records, refugee cases, interviews, others
  • Labor law: contracts, agreements, investigations, interviews, collective bargain agreements, union agreements, meetings, others

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Engineering, science and technology

Engineers, scientists and technologists invest a good amount of time and effort to prepare specialized material to be easily understood by their peers. We understand that the translation of these documents must portray the same level of specialization, keenness and skill as the original. Translating technical concepts, new technology and new terminology is part of our expertise, and we do not shy away from specialized technical material, working hand in hand with our clients when new technology and nomenclature is involved.

We work in many areas of engineering, science and technology, translating many types of documents and content, such as:

  • proposals
  • environmental impact assessments
  • reports
  • progress reports
  • design memos
  • studies
  • research
  • apps
  • discoveries
  • instrumentation
  • new technology
  • new concepts, inventions and patents
  • instruction manuals
  • video subtitles

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Marketing, advertising and graphic design

For the translation of marketing and advertising material to be successful, it needs to cause the same effect on the new intended audience as the original caused in the audience in the language of origin. to achieve this goal, a translator must be extremely sensitive and aware of cultural differences and localization, as our translators are.

Graphic designers often use software that allows them to produce visually attractive material to better showcase a product or service to certain audience. WWB uses Adobe products (Photoshop, InDesign) to keep that same visual effect intended by the graphic designer.  We work directly with graphic designers to ensure that the translated content is seamlessly inserted in the designer's art. For marketing, advertising and graphic design, we translate a wide variety of content, including:

  • web content
  • brochures (tri-folds, business cards, others)
  • pamphlets
  • posters
  • information sheets
  • presentations
  • videos and subtitling

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Commerce and finance

With our province opening to new global business opportunities, producers and providers need the world to know their story behind their products or services.  Our translators understand the uniqueness of every product and service, and, with this in mind, we translate your content for you to be successful in the global market.  Among other content and material, we translate:

  • product specifications and packaging
  • technical specifications
  • industry standards (local and international)
  • shipping forms and documents
  • legal documents (see above)
  • marketing and advertising material (see above)

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Government and public engagement

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Ready to take the next step and translate your publication in other language? Following Gregory Rabassa's school, our literary translators know how to work with the author to ensure that the translation portrays the feelings, emotions and experiences of the original. In the area of literature, we translate, among others, the following:


  • books
  • articles
  • blogs
  • reports
  • journals

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Personal translations

 Our certified translators have been translating personal documents for more than twenty years in more than 30 languages. Because of our expertise, we are in the privileged position of guiding you in what you need to translate,  saving you time and money in the process.  When you call, we will ask who will be the recipient of the translation, and will tailor our translations to their requirements.  Among many others, we translate the following documents for general and immigration purposes:

  • birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates
  • police clearances
  • academic records (transcripts, certificates, diplomas)
  • passport stamps
  • medical reports
  • identity cards
  • driver's licences
  • doctor's notes
  • home purchase agreements
  • adoption papers
  • testimonials
  • documents for refugee cases
  • records of employment
  • reference letters
  • prenuptial agreements
  • wills
  • powers of attorney

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Questionings, investigations, interviews


Business meetings, corporate missions


Questionings, police investigations, interviews, others

Community and medical

Medical appointments, refugee interviews

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Editing, copyediting and proofreading

In partnership with some of the most professional and skilled editors in the country, Words Without Borders will help you polish that conference paper that needs to be published, edit the unnecessary parts of your business catalogue, or add punch and a professional flair to your website content.  With respect to elements such as style, content, citation, and technical terminology, our team understands the necessary processes different manuscripts need to undergo before they are ready to be presented to the public.  Not only are we experts in language; we also understand you, your audience, and the stressful urgency that can accompany the writing process, especially if you are also engaged in other work.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, and let us help you polish that manuscript while you continue your other work.



Multi-lingual transcription

WWB counts with professional transcribers in English and other languages. We apply translation and interpretation standards of confidentiality and accuracy to our transcription services, exceeding standard proceedings. Among others, we transcribe:

  • discovery recordings
  • police interviews
  • depositions
  • interpreted interviews and meetings